A Brief Introduction To Our Finance Capabilities

We at Positronics consider Human Resources as the most important assets of our company. Hence in order to meet our objective we provide our employees excellent opportunities and conducive work atmosphere. This facilitates them with a learning environment to update their knowledge and enhance their skills. We also provide the best technology & facilities to work efficiently so as to increase their productivity.

Positronics has adopted the latest office automation technology to increase the efficiency & productivity of the organization & make fast & simpler methods to work for the employees.

The company uses an ERP system to oversee the working of the organization at its optimum efficiency. We have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme which co-ordinates with ERP in keeping customer informed about the status of his order online in conjunction with ERP system. “E-Tendering” helps the company in maintaining an optimum productivity of the purchase department.

High speed digital copier, dedicated server with external Two terabyte capacity, CCTV, Card entry system with digital time attendance, high speed radio communication between manufacturing locations WI-FI etc. are some of the technologies Positronics has installed with excellent results.